Vitamix vs Tribest Personal Blender Comparison Review

Vitamix vs Tribest Personal Blender Comparison Review

We get asked a lot for a cheaper alternative to the Vitamix blender. This week we decided to give the Tribest Personal Blender a test drive next to the Vitamix to see how it would perform on certain tasks. We’re pleased to advise that it passed with flying colours and is now a welcome addition to our store.

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Price Comparison

The Vitamix Blender has an RRP of $995. The Tribest Personal Blender is $149. Discounts are usually available on both.
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Power Comparison

The Vitamix has a 2 Peak HP motor that can be left running for several minutes at a time. The Tribest Personal Blender has a 200 watt motor that shouldn’t be run for any longer than 30 seconds before giving it a rest for 2 minutes.

Crushing Ice

Does anyone actually ever do this? I don’t. The box said it can crush ice, so I wanted to put it to the test. On the photograph below, the left is with the Vitamix. I ran this for quite literally 2 seconds. There were around 10 small ice cubes in each. The Vitamix ice is like powdery slush with a few larger chunks in it. The thing with the Vitamix is when you run it for too long, the blades heat up. While this has its advantages, it will melt ice, so I gave it a short burst. It made a really short job of it, but not particularly even.

In the Tribest Personal Blender, it took a lot longer. In hindsight, pulsing and then lifting the cup off for a quick shake and putting it back on would have produced smoother results, but regardless of that, it’s certainly powerful enough to handle ice. Just remember that the motor in the Tribest is nowhere near as powerful as the Vitamix and jobs like this will take a little longer.

WINNER – The Vitamix, the Tribest does a perfectly fine job too.

Crushing Ice with the Vitamix and the Tribest.

Grinding Nuts

Since this was another one of those harder tasks, I wanted to give this a test run in the Tribest Personal Blender as well. I already know you can put a big wad of organic nuts in to the Vitamix, grab your tamper, whack her up to full speed and make nut butter, so grinding nuts is childs play in the Vitamix, but I wanted to test out grinding up just 10 almonds. So that’s what I did. 10 almonds went in to the Vitamix and 10 almonds went in to the Tribest, skin on.

The results were interesting, but as I was expecting, so I was pleased. The Vitamix does an absolute shit job of really small quantities, so this is where the Tribest Personal Blender shines.

WINNER – Whether you’re grinding nuts, seeds, coffee beans or grains, if you’re doing small batches, the Tribest Personal Blender wins hands down. For larger batches, the Vitamix will win. To grind larger quantities in the Tribest, just do it in batches and be sure to let your machine rest for at least 2 minutes once you’ve let it run for 30 seconds. It did not take anywhere near that long to grind the 10 almonds in the photo below. 10 seconds perhaps?

Grinding small quantities of nuts, the Tribest Personal Blender is the winner

Chopping Herbs

A seemingly simple task, and to be honest, this is a job I like to do with a knife.  I didn’t bother with the Vitamix for this demo as it’s just not suited to a small quantity. I went out to my herb garden and picked a big handful of mint. Since it grows like a weed, I had no issue wasting some for this experiment. You’ll see two photos below, the first shows how much mint went in to the Tribest Personal Blender. I was careful not to pack it in. You’ll see from the end result that the mint is chopped up quite finely, so it did a great job, but I did have to take the blending cup off at least half a dozen times and shake the contents up. I pulsed and it took around a minute to do. Much quicker than using a knife, but I personally don’t like the way herbs get bruised when doing this. So while the Tribest Personal Blender is more than capable of handling the job, I’d use a knife.

Chopping Mint (before)

Around 1 minute later

Blending a Thickshake

After watching the Tribest Personal Blender make short work of nuts, it was pretty obvious that you could chuck some milk and fruit in this thing and it will blend just fine, so for the smoothie portion, I wanted to push the Tribest Personal Blender a little harder. I’ve made countless smoothies in the Vitamix, and I’ll be honest, you’re simply not going to beat the Vitamix for making a smoothie, but there are instances when you’d choose the Tribest Personal Blender over the Vitamix for making a smoothie. They are:-

  1. There’s the matter of around $700-$850 depending what kind of a price you can get. If you want want to make smoothies and grind some nuts, and you’re making them for just you, the Vitamix is overkill.
  2. You want to travel with it. The Vitamix is heavy. The Tribest Personal Blender is a lot smaller.
  3. Short on bench space? The Tribest Personal Blender has a smaller footprint. 19 x 23cm for the Vitamix. 13 x 13cm for the Tribest, which is also much lighter and easier to get out of a cupboard and use and then put away when you’re done. You’ll want to leave the Vitamix out on the bench.
  4. Tribest Personal Blender is quicker & easier to clean.

So, in the small container of the Tribest Personal Blender went 4 frozen strawberries. I did chop them in to quarters, but they were still very frozen (picture 1). Top up with some organic milk (picture 2) and blitz away, around 15-20 seconds for this. I was expecting a runny liquid, instead, I got a thick smoothie consistency, so I tipped it out in to a bowl.

Take frozen strawberries ….

… top up with milk, we used organic cow’s milk or make your own nut milk with the Tribest or Vitamix…

…. voila, thickshake!

Which machine should I choose?

I’m going to be as simplistic as I can here by posing a list of short questions and then suggesting either Vitamix, Tribest Personal Blender or either.

  • Money is no object – Vitamix
  • I have little bench space – Tribest Personal Blender
  • I’m pretty much just going to be making smoothies for myself each day – Tribest Personal Blender
  • I want to make my own nut butter – Vitamix
  • I travel a lot and want my smoothies when I’m away – Tribest Personal Blender
  • I make large quantities when I blend – Vitamix
  • I want to make soup – Vitamix
  • I want to blend baby food – either, but you can do small amounts with less cleaning up with the Tribest Personal Blender
  • I want variable speed control – Vitamix
  • I want my kids to be able to use it – Tribest Personal Blender (once you’ve safely screwed the blades in to place)
  • I want to make single serve salad dressings – Tribest Personal Blender

What else can I do with my Tribest Blender?

Watch this 5 minute demo video.

Joanne Musgrave

Joanne Musgrave

Joanne is the owner & founder of Shop Naturally. She is a Holistic Health Coach and studying the Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine.

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