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Apple Zucchini Hash ~ served sweet or savoury

While making savoury hash cakes with potato as a base is a common thing to cook in our household, this week I have asked Pru for ‘hash with a twist’. Based on apple & zucchini, they’re just as comfortable with

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Anzac Cookies – hold the gluten & the nuts!

Regardless of the calendar, Anzac Cookies are a great snack for kids lunch boxes, home and at work the whole year round. Today, we’re bringing you a gluten free, nut free & refined sugar free version that go very nicely

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The Teresa Cutter Naked Chocolate Cake

It’s the Easter long weekend and I decided not to indulge in buying commercial Easter eggs but seeing an endless stream of chocolatey treats on your Facebook feed is hard to take, so this afternoon, I whipped up a batch

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Naked Chocolate Cake

Today was an experiment – to get my husband to eat a healthy piece of chocolate cake. Mission Impossible? I thought so. I started off with the Teresa Cutter Naked Chocolate Cake recipe, which I will not replicate here, because it’s

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