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The Teresa Cutter Naked Chocolate Cake

It’s the Easter long weekend and I decided not to indulge in buying commercial Easter eggs but seeing an endless stream of chocolatey treats on your Facebook feed is hard to take, so this afternoon, I whipped up a batch

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Krista Caramels

For those who have a sweet tooth but are staying away from refined sugar and store bought sweets, the Krista Caramels are divinely sweet with a smidgeon of superfoods thrown in for good measure. The Krista Caramels were inspired by

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Loving Earth Raw Chocolate Energy Bars

It’s the weekend, you want to eat something naughty but you know you need to eat well, so you trick your tastebuds in to thinking you’re feeing it junk. Here’s the perfect recipe to do it!! (click here for the

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Banana Blueberry Slush aka ice cream or fluffy mousse

Tonight I was in a mood. I just wanted something fresh for dessert and there wasn’t a lot in the house that didn’t involve chocolate. Even organic chocolate is on my no list this week, all things cacao-ish are a

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Naked Chocolate Cake

Today was an experiment – to get my husband to eat a healthy piece of chocolate cake. Mission Impossible? I thought so. I started off with the Teresa Cutter Naked Chocolate Cake recipe, which I will not replicate¬†here, because it’s

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A healthier version of Chocolate Crackles

A dear friend and member of the Shop Naturally team, the lovely Miss Pru, has been set the task of turning some of the raw ingredients in the organic food section at Shop Naturally in to yummy treats that are

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