Whenever my naturopath Julie McNab suggests I add something to my diet, there’s always a good reason, and I always have a good read about it.

I was told recently to sprinkle some Lecithin on my porridge. What is Lecithin? It’s a Lipid. In ‘normal speak’, lipids are fats & oils. Lecithin comes in little tiny granules and can be purchased fom health food stores and some supermarkets. I managed to find some in the Macro aisle at Woolworths. In health food stores it’s usually in the fridge section. In Woolworths, it’s not. If I can find out why some lecithin is refrigerated and some isn’t, I will come back and edit the article.

Lecithin is important for many things, but the one that’s stuck out for me is for the prevention of nervous breakdowns. Using the ‘food as medicine’ philosophy, eating lecithin along with foods with B complex vitamins and magnesium will feed your nervous system and may pre-empt a nervous breakdown or the need to take medication (but please seek medical advice if you’re having troubles).

Food is always a really great ‘pro-active’ approach to good health and can help prevent many problems facing people leaving in today’s world.

When we’re stressed, lecithin is used rapidly in the body and if it’s not replaced through your diet, fatigue, irritation & mental confusion can develop. Sound familiar? It’s widely knows as a ‘brain’ food.

I don’t sell lecithin granules at Shop Naturally. They’re readily available at supermarkets & health food stores nationwide. They can be added to soup, gravy, bread, muffins, omelettes and even scrambled eggs. Start off with a small pinch every few days and see how you go.

Source:- Laugh With Health – my favourite food bible, it’s basically a dictionary about food. $39.95 available from Shop Naturally.

Julie McNab is a Central Coast Naturopath with over 20 years experience in the industry. We consult with Julie when deciding what products to stock and test for our store.

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