Is your oil rancid?

I have been reading a lot recently about the quality of oils and what you should and shouldn’t be doing with them. Cooking oils can go rancid fairly quickly if not stored correctly, some quicker than others. Here are our quick tips.

  • Store olive oil (and any other oil) in the fridge and only buy small bottles unless you use so much that you’ll go through 10 litres quickly
  • At an absolute minimum, store them in a cool & dark cupboard and try to buy oil in amber bottles that don’t let the light in wherever possible. Coconut oil will go solid in the fridge, so it’s up to you whether you want to have it solid in summer or melted in a dark cupboard.
  • Cook with the correct oils, many oils go rancid from heat (including Extra Virgin Olive Oil). Coconut oil has a high burning point and is best for cooking at high temperatures.

How to spot rancid oils?

We’re still doing some research on this and we’ll be adding to this article as we find out more information. Jenni from Coconut Magic  has written a great article on how to spot rancid coconut oil. Watch out for a yellow colour or any blotchy consistency in the oil. As we know, coconut oil should be crystal clear when melted and when it’s solid, it should be white. Read the article >.

Coconut Oil clarity

We have paid very careful attention to the colour and clarity of the coconut oils in our store this summer, and this clarity when melted has been a deciding factor for many brands as to whether we stock or reject the brand. Coconut Magic is one of the clearest in our range, along with Raw Superfoods and Loving Earth. Coconut Magic’s coconut oil is also the coconut oil to melt last, which means it has a higher burning point than the rest of our stock. Coupled with the amber glass jar to protect the nutrients and we know it’s made only from mature coconuts, this is the one we recommend people purchase if they’re buying for it’s health benefits. Central Coast Naturopath Julie McNab, who we seek advice from on a regular basis, has also tested our coconut oil range and made the comment that the Coconut Magic melted last and had excellent clarity when melted.

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