What NOT To Eat

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Truth in fake advertising

In January, Coca Cola put out a TV Commercial talking about obesity. The ad very cleverly showed how they had managed to reduce the average calories per serving by 22%. They’re bringing in smaller sized cans and have also added

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Is Rice Bran Oil a healthy alternative? No. Coconut Oil is.

Good oil, bad oil, good fat, bad fat. There’s so much confusing information out in the market place. A year or two ago, I thought that cooking was Extra Virgin Olive Oil was the healthy thing to do. I also

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Is your oil rancid?

I have been reading a lot recently about the quality of oils and what you should and shouldn’t be doing with them. Cooking oils can go rancid fairly quickly if not stored correctly, some quicker than others. Here are our

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High pesticide foods vs low pesticide food – Organic Food Priorities

Going¬†organic on a budget isn’t always easy, espeically when it comes to fresh food. After reading various articles in magazines and the internet, we have compiled three lists – organic priorities in general, foods high in pesticides (to avoid) and

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Top 6 Toxic Additives

Reading one of my favourite blogs today, I had to pass on an article about the 6 most toxic additives in every day food. If you live the ‘naked’ or ‘caveman’ diet that I do, this really isn’t an issue,

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