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Sweet Potato Curly Fries

Ever wondered how to make curly fries or zucchini noodles? Well the Spirooli is what you need! The Spirooli has 3 interchangeable blades –  3mm which produces spirals similar to  angel hair pasta, 5mm for fettucini thickness and the chopping

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Sterilising Glass Jars

This post is a purely selfish one, because I keep forgetting the temp & timing for sterilising glass jars in the oven, so here’s my little reminder!! STERILISING GLASS JARS IN THE OVEN Wash and rinse the jars (you can

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Hot soup in your Vitamix blender

I am often asked how the Vitamix blender can make hot soup when it has no heating element in it. It’s a perfectly valid question, and one that puzzled me before I learned about the machine. Watch the video below

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Orange & Clove Air Freshener

While taking a look on Tree Hugger, I found this cute slide show of halloween decorations that wouldn’t end up as landfill, and one really caught my eye, because it could be done any time of the year. Grab an

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What NOT to do with brussel sprouts

Several days ago now, I had a mishap with brussel sprouts. I put them in a chicken & vege bolognese and afterwards, I had an awful metallic taste in my mouth. After doing some reading in my favourite food dictionary

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