All stainless steel leakproof lunch boxes

All stainless steel leakproof lunch boxes

The trend to swap brown bags & glad wrap for more eco-friendly lunch boxes is on the increase. Most savvy mums are made to choose between two options – plastic and leakproof OR all stainless steel touching the food and not leakproof. Sadly, the latter is a tall order. Below is a summary of some of the options to help  you make a more informed choice.

All stainless steel but not leakproof

There are a couple of really popular options in this group, and to be honest, unless you’re putting runny stuff in your kids lunch box every day, these are a great choice. Pictured above is one of the Lunchbots stainless steel lunch boxes. They come in various options:- no divider (uno), one down the middle (duo), the trio divide (picture) and a quad divide. The dividers are permanently in these lunch boxes and cannot be removed. You can easily clean around them. The coloured lids are painted with a non-toxic paint, and only on the outside.

Also available in the Green Essentials range is an innovative 2-tier system with a small snack container inside. Sustain-a-Stacker and the smaller Tuck-a-Stacker provide 2 completely separate compartments and a stand alone small container that can be carried inside, outside or removed completely if necessary. These are a new & improved design of the Eco Lunch Boxes that were in our store last year but no longer available.

Stainless Steel Lunch Box with plastic leakproof lid

These are really popular lunch boxes too, especially for those that may have a salad with a bit of dressing in them. They’re also a little easier to get the lids off for tiny hands.

Pictured right is the Green Essentials Snaps collection, which are like the Lock and Lock containers with the silicone seal and 4 locking clasps, making the containers air-tight as well. The Snaps come in 5 different sizes, ranging from a 320ml snack size all the way up to a 1.7 litre jumbo container which can be used as a jumbo lunch box or for storing food in the fridge or pantry.

Snaps have a stainless steel lunch box base with a BPA Free polypropylene lid & food grade silicone seal to lock in the freshness.

From U Konserve, which is the adult brand name by the same people who make Kids Konserve, are two different shaped lunch boxes with bpa free leakproof lids. Long term air-tight storage is not recommended in these, but lunch for a day, they’re perfect. Pictured is a tall square container, perfect for 2 sandwiches, and a lower profile rectangular container is also available.

Full stainless steel with leakproof lid

Here’s your tall order. No-one makes a square one. Yet. We are talking to a manufacturer about making this one a reality, and we have our fingers crossed, but for now, we have the next best thing.

This is the only insulated food jar in our range at the moment that has a stainless steel inner lining on the lid (we will be adding the Klean Kanteen to our range this season that also has this feature). What’s completely unique about the Lunchbots insulated food flask design is that it’s wider and shorter than every other design in our store. The lid is easy to get ona dn off, and while there is plastic on the top & bottom (which not only protects the food jar but makes it easier to open & close), there is no plastic that touches the food in this option.

If you’re looking for something to put inside your new lunch box, please visit our health food section.
If you’re looking for something to put your new lunch box inside, please visit our insulated lunch bag section.
If you’re thirsty, stick your head under a tap or buy one of our many water bottles.

Joanne Musgrave

Joanne Musgrave

Joanne is the owner & founder of Shop Naturally. She is a Holistic Health Coach and studying the Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine.

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